More or less,
this is about and around me


I asked myself repeatedly, ‘Why do I want to be in this oversaturated food blogging terrain? Isn’t life busy enough with running a business, family, never-ending chores and errands, and frequent dinners with friends?’ It’s not like it’s in the early 2000s anyway, where the pond wasn’t so populated.

My most honest answer to this question is, “Because true happiness is found when you share your life with others.”

Well, this blog in a sense is the table where I can break bread, commune, laugh and pass the plate, as well as wisdom with you.

… Thank you for coming to my table hungry.


I’m a graphic designer by trade.
A mom by grace.
A cook by passion.

I love to feed, cook with friends and entertain.

Life is short, nurture love.


Along for the ride is my husband Eric – My PIE (Partner In Everything).

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